What firewood you better should choose?

Wood is one of the oldest sources of energy used by people. Especially the firewood comes with a nice additional benefit: it increases our quality of life: the blazing fire that burns in the fireplace creates a comforting warmth and a cozy atmosphere.

How to chose wood briquettes?

Don't worry - it's easier than you think! Our wood briquette guide will help you become a wood fuel expert in no time. Wood briquettes and heat logs are interchangeable terms.

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Briquettes, Peat and peat briquettes.

What is peat? Peat (/piːt/), sometimes known as turf (/tɜːrf/), is an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation or organic matter.

How to start a fire?

Charcoal and charcoal briquettes: Solid fire starters: Depending on the size of the grill, place one or more firefighters on a small layer of charcoal or charcoal briquettes.