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Dockers LLC has been operating in the woodworking industry since 1998.
The company has over 21 years of experience in the woodworking industry.


For many years, Dockers LLC has been manufacturing and selling dried and planed sawn timber, dried chopped firewood, pallets, non-standard pallets, pallets boards, flight boards for pallets, round and barked wooden stakes.

Also specializes in the sale of various constructions and metal products. The biggest focus on all kinds of steel bars and steel bar nets. We provide the availability of materials on site in Latvia, Riga.


The company is engaged in export and import. Actively cooperates with other countries and supplies its products to many parts of Europe and other regions of the world.

The company has won the trust and recognition of its customers – as the work is always done on time and with maximum responsibility!

We are for human cooperation!

years of experience


Peat Briquettes

Peat briquettes is combustible mineral with low content of sulfur and impurities. Peat briquettes are made by pressing peat, resulting in black bricks with a uniform texture. The calorific value of peat briquettes is about 3800-4200 kcal / kg. Peat briquettes are an alternative to traditional fuels such as coal, wood, fuel oil and are the most efficient fuel in terms of calorific value and price. Peat burns 5 times longer than firewood, while releasing 2 times more energy, during combustion, fuel briquettes do not emit tar, and ash can be used as fertilizer. Laying 8-10 kg of fuel briquettes ensures boiler operation for 10-12 hours. The company’s products meet the highest quality standards. 

Technical and quality characteristics of peat briquettes:

Indicator name Brand


Mass fraction of total moisture,%, no more than


Ash content,%, no more than


Mechanical strength when tested in a drum (the remainder of whole and pieces with a size of more than 25 mm),%, not less than


Mass fraction of fines (pieces less than 25 mm in size),%, no more than


Calorific value, MJ / kg., Not less than 1 kcal = 0.0041868 MJ


Steel Bars

We offer various reinforcement diameters with steel grades B500B, A500HW, B500NC, K500B-T, K500C-T, as well as folded reinforcement and reinforcement mesh. Upon request, we can supply fittings for other regions. We sell fittings wholesale and retail, starting from 12 meters.


Steel Bars D-6mm


Steel Bars D-8mm


Steel Bars D-10mm


Steel Bars D-12mm


Steel Bars D-14mm


Steel Bars D-16mm


Steel Bars D-18mm


Steel Bars D-20mm


Steel Bars D-22mm


Steel Bars D-25mm


Steel Bars D-28mm


Steel Bars D-32mm


Steel Bars D-36mm


Steel Bars D-40mm


For exact pricing and product availability, please contact our sales manager at +371 29332278 for deliveries.

Reinforcment mesh

We deliver metal materials throughout Latvia. It is also possible to collect the material on site in Riga.
For delivery options and pricing, please call +371 29332278. Minimum shipment 1 ton. The average price of deliveries is 1st- 60eur.


Dried up to 18% firewood, the main species of wood is birch, alder to order can be ash, oak.
Box sizes – 1RM / 1,2RM / 1,6RM / 1,8RM / 2RM and at the request of the customer.
Firewood in the nets – 40l / 60l


Kindlings in a bag
Kindling height 15cm
110 bags in a box


RUF briquettes oak / birch.
1 pack of 10 kg.
1 pallet – 96 packages – 960 kg.
Humidity: 5-8%.
Ash content: 0,5% (which is on average less than briquettes from other wood)
Calorific value – 4900 kcak / kg (all top briquette heaters)
Density – 1.1 g/cm³
Sulfur content 0.00%.
We offer these briquettes in bags and pallets.
Our briquettes are made using only pure shavings, free of impurities, sand and furniture residues.

Dried and planed boards

Dried and planed boards, spruce, pine, we can produce deep impregnation of lumber under pressure 1 – 4 class. We also sort by classes C16 / C24 – origin of the material Northern regions.
Sizes – thickness mm 45 x width mm 95/145/195 / x length 3.0m – 6.0m.

Dried lumber

Dried lumber 18%, spruce, pine.
thickness mm 22 / 25/44/47/50/75/100 x
width mm 50/75/100/125/150/175/200 x
length 3.0 m – 6.0 m

Pallet boards

Pallet boards, deciduous and coniferous trees
Thickness starting from 13mm – 25mm
Width starting from 75mm – 100mm
Lenght starting from 600mm – 3000mm

We also produce according to customer


EPAL standard pallets
Size 1200×800
IPPC standard 

Pallets without stamps
Sizes 1200×800 / 600×800

Used pallets
Sizes 1200×800/600×800

We sell pallets of non-standard size according to your required size!

Pallet collars

Pallet collars, spruce, pine, KD 18%, HT IPPC standart

Machine rounded and peeled wooden poles

Machine rounded and peeled wooden poles
Sizes 50/75/100/125/150 х 1,2m – 3,6m.


We are deliveryng to all ports in world. We also can deliver by road and rail ,or you can pick it up yourself. Also offering door to door delivery. The possible volume of export deliveries is up to 4,000 tons of fuel briquettes per month.


Contact us and our specialists will reply shortly.

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+371 29332278

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