Pellets are a versatile and eco-friendly heating solution that can transform the way you heat your home or business. These small, cylindrical fuel sources are typically made from compressed biomass, such as wood sawdust or agricultural residues. Pellets offer high energy efficiency and low emissions, making them an environmentally conscious choice for heating.


Briquettes are compressed blocks of material, often made from biomass or other combustible materials, that are used as a fuel source. They are designed to be an efficient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional firewood, coal, or charcoal.


Finieris ir daudzpusīgs būvmateriāls, kas ir būtisks gan būvniecības, gan koka apstrādes projektu pamatā. Vai esat patstāvīgs amatnieks vai profesionāls būvnieks, mūsu augstas kvalitātes finieris piedāvā spēku, noturību un elastību, kas nepieciešama jūsu projektam. Finieris ir ideāls dažādiem pielietojumiem, tai skaitā mēbeļu ražošanai, skapju izgatavošanai, grīdām un konstrukciju atbalstam. Ar mūsu augstas kvalitātes finieri jums būs uzticams materiāls, kas ir ne tikai ekonomisks, bet arī uzticams, nodrošinot jūsu būvniecības vai koka apstrādes projekta veiksmi.


Our main products are peeled stakes, turned stakes, sawn stakes and materials for the garden and homestead (flower boxes, fence panels, garden borders, terrace boards, etc.), as well as prefabricated garden houses and sheds. In order to protect the wood from the effects of the weather, various wood-damaging fungi, rot and blueing, we impregnate all our products - i.e. we impregnate them with special wood preservatives that ensure a longer service life of the wood.


Ogle ir uzticama un laika pārbaudīta kurināmā avota, ko izmanto apkurei un enerģijas ražošanai gadsimtiem ilgi. Tā ir pazīstama ar augstu enerģijas blīvumu un vienmērīgu siltuma izvadīšanu, padarot to par uzticamu izvēli dažādām apkures vajadzībām, tai skaitā mājas apkurei, rūpnieciskiem procesiem un elektroenerģijas ražošanai. Mūsu augstas kvalitātes ogle tiek iegūta un apstrādāta, lai apmierinātu tieši jūsu vajadzības, nodrošinot efektīvu sadedzināšanu un minimālas emisijas. Vai jums ir ogles kurināmais krāsns, katls vai rūpnieciskais katls, ogle sniedz ekonomiski izdevīgu un viegli pieejamu siltuma avotu.


Timber, often referred to as lumber or wood, is wood that has been processed and prepared for various construction and woodworking purposes. It is a fundamental building material used in the construction of houses, furniture, bridges, and many other structures. Timber comes in various types, including hardwoods like oak and maple and softwoods like pine and spruce, each with its own unique properties and applications. Sustainable forestry practices are crucial to ensure a continuous supply of timber while protecting natural ecosystems and mitigating environmental impact.


Firewood, typically logs or wood pieces, is a traditional and widely used source of energy for heating and cooking. It can be sourced from various types of wood, both hardwoods like oak and softwoods like pine, and must be properly seasoned for efficient burning. In many rural areas, firewood remains an essential and sustainable energy source, but its use should be managed responsibly to protect forests and the environment.


Pallets are flat, often wooden structures with both top and bottom deck boards, used to stack, store, and transport goods in a more organized and efficient manner. They play a critical role in logistics and supply chain management, facilitating the movement of products in warehouses and during transportation. Pallets come in various sizes and materials, including wood, plastic, and metal, each suited for different industries and purposes. Recycling and reusing pallets are common practices to minimize waste and reduce environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the pellets cost?

You can always find the current prices for pellets on our online store at

Is the pellet price inclusive of VAT?

The pellet price displayed before adding the item to the cart is excluding VAT. There are three VAT rates applicable for pellet purchases:

  • 0% – for legal entities that are VAT payers;
  • 12% – for private individuals;
  • 21% – for legal entities that are not VAT payers.

The appropriate VAT rate will be applied in the shopping cart when the customer specifies their status.

    Are the pellets available?

    If there is an option to purchase pellets on our online store and no notification indicating that the pellets are sold out, then they are available, and you can safely place your order.

    How long does pellet delivery take?

    The delivery time for pellets is variable and depends on demand and the season. In spring and summer, delivery takes 5 to 10 business days, while in autumn and winter, it may take up to 15 business days.But mostly our logistics company deliver it on those 5-10 days.

    What is the cost of delivery?

    Delivery costs will be visible in the shopping cart and are calculated automatically based on the desired quantity of pallets and inputting the precise delivery address (postal code is mandatory).

    How many pallets can be delivered with one truck?

    Within a single delivery, it's possible to transport from 1 to 10 pallets. If there are more than 10 pallets in an order, two trucks will be provided for delivery.

    What type of truck facilitates the delivery?

    The truck arriving at the delivery location is approximately 12 tons in weight, 9 meters long, 2.45 meters wide, and 4 meters high. The vehicle is equipped with a lift for unloading pallets from the truck and pallet wheels to move them from the lift. Please note that the driver will only move the pallet within a 5-meter radius of the truck's location.

    What must be ensured at the delivery address for successful delivery?

    If it is not possible to deliver the cargo due to the recipient's fault, costs for returning the goods to the nearest Schenker terminal will be incurred.
    There should be no weight-restrictive signs on the road. Standard delivery is carried out with vehicles whose gross weight exceeds 10 tons.
    If the customer has restrictions on the width or height of the access road, there is an option for:

    • Delivery to be split and carried out with a vehicle with a gross weight of 5 tons, which can provide a 2-ton delivery at a time. The customer will incur additional delivery costs (50% of the total delivery costs for each additional trip).
    • Delivery by a bus that can provide a 2-ton delivery at a time with reloading at the terminal and palletizing. The customer may opt for manual loading, as the weight of a single unit must not exceed 500kg.

    It is crucial that, when making deliveries to private residential areas, the driver has the option to exit from the delivery site. This means either executing a safe turning maneuver or exiting on the opposite side (without using reverse gear).
    The cargo recipient must respond to the driver's calls.
    Deliveries are not provided with a manipulator.
    The access road and gate width should be at least 4 meters wide. The road surface must be stable and firm to safely accommodate the cargo vehicle, which has a gross weight exceeding 10 tons.
    Please verify that low-hanging branches do not obstruct the truck's access. In winter, the access road should be cleared.
    When making deliveries to private residential areas, make sure there is a sufficiently large, open area for the cargo vehicle to maneuver.
    For unloading pallets from the truck, a solid ground surface is necessary for using pallet wheels to lower the pallet. If the unloading area has grass, gravel, or sand, please prepare a sturdy material (boards, metal/wooden sheets, etc.) on which the pallets can be placed.

    Will the driver bring the pellets indoors?

    The delivery service does not include bringing the pellets indoors, and this service cannot be arranged.

    How will I be notified of the expected delivery of my order?

    On the day your order is handed over to the courier, you will receive an SMS from DB Schenker to the phone number provided in the order. By opening the web link sent in the message, you can confirm the offered delivery date or choose a more convenient one. On the day of delivery, the driver will call 1 hour prior to arrival. And in that day you need to wait the courrier.

    How can I make payment for the pellet order?

    In the online store, you have the option to pay with a credit card or use online banking for your purchases. All payments made in SIA "Staļi" online store are secure, and complete protection of the payer's data is guaranteed. Cash orders only are acceptable when you are purchasing the products at our place.

    Can I personally pick up the pellets from the factory?

    Customers have the option to purchase pellets on our online store and pick them up at our factory located at Institūta iela 1b, Salaspils, Salaspils pilsēta, Salaspils novads, LV-2169. But before that you need to call +37127880012 to arrange your pickup. Payment for pellet purchases can be made through the online store and then you can pick the products up on our place; cash payments can be accepted only making order on our place.