About company and job principles

We work with companies from all over the world. We have worked with both individuals and medium-sized companies and large corporations, and we have always satisfied the wishes of our customers. We have worked on different continents, in different markets. We have worked with clients in North America, the United States and Canada. On a daily basis, we cooperate and work with various European countries, as well as with all these countries, Austria, Denmark, France, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, the United Kingdom, or England. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Spain, Italy, China, Estonia.

We always work with the highest returns, so that customers are always satisfied in all parts of the world. We always fulfil the wishes of our customers and try to create the best possible solution for each customer individually.

We supply our products, Dried Firewood, Peat Briquettes, Kindles, RUF and Conventional Briquettes, Dried, Planed Materials, Dried Timber, Pallet Blanks, Pallets, Pallet Boards, Turned and Peeled Wood Piles, and many other timber and fuels, always time and as soon as possible so that customers do not have to wait long. As well as our cargo is always designed so that nothing is damaged. And all materials and products maintain the highest quality.

We transport our products to all countries of the world where they can be delivered by Ship, Road, Rail. We cooperate with all ports and always find the cheapest and fastest ways of transportation. We also deliver to your door. There is always an option to collect materials or products from our base in Latvia yourself, to deliver them with your own transport companies. Usually delivery to Ireland, or the United Kingdom, England is up to 3 weeks by ship.

There are also opportunities to make long-term cooperation with us, as we are able to provide large quantities of various products or materials.